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The truth of life …

जीवन की सचाई एक आदमी …

The truth of life was four wives of a man. He loved his fourth wife very much and took great care of her and would give her the best. He also loved his third wife and always wanted to show her to his friends. Although she always feared that she could run away with another human being. He also loved his second wife. Whenever he faced any problem, he would go to his second wife and she would solve his problem. He did not love his first wife while the wife loved him deeply and took great care of him. One day he fell very ill and knew that he would die soon. He said to himself, “I have four wives, I take one of them with me … When I die, I will die in my death.” Support me. ” Then she asked the fourth wife to come with her, then she said, “No, it cannot happen and went away. When she asked the third wife, she said,” Life is very good here. When you die, I will be second Will get married. “She said to the second wife, then she said,” Excuse me, this time I cannot help you any more. I can be with you till your burial more than ever. ” And cold Then a voice came, “I am ready to walk with you. I will walk with you wherever you go.” When the man saw that she was his first wife. She became very sick due to lack of food and drink. . The man said with tears of remorse, “I should have taken good care of you and I could.” Actually we all have four wives in life. 1. The fourth wife is our body. We can punish as much as we want. Take it but when we die, it will leave us. 2. The third wife is our accumulated capital, status. When we die, they will go to others. 3. The second wife is our friends and relatives. How close they are. May not be in our life time, but after death, they remain together till our funeral. 4. The first wife is our soul, who is always neglected in the worldly fascination. This is the thing that stays with us wherever we go ……. If you have to give something, if you want to give it, take care of it, do it, love it, do it … Nice The line was found to be for someone's 'work' .. but time is running out to earn pieces of paper .. what will you do to earn so much money ..? There is no 'pocket' in the grave, nor 'cupboard in the grave', and even the angels of death do not take 'bribe' … ✔ Do not keep it only to yourself by sharing Tell others as well. 4